LEGO Media International, Colet Court,

100 Hammersmith Road, London,

W6 7JP

October 27, 1997

Stewart Green

Data Design Interactive LTD, Shenstone House,

Dudley Road,


West Midlands,

B63 3NT

AUTOTEXTLIST Dear Stewart / Eamonn,

Further to your conversation with Laurence earlier today I have written our requirements for the POC stage of Rock Raiders. As you may have gathered I am the producer for this project at LEGO Media. Take a look at our requirements and get back to me with an overall project budget (broken down into the POC stage and then the remainder of the project) and an approximate schedule for both the POC and the whole project. I will then arrange a meeting with Conny Kalcher, our Business Affairs Manager to go over the contractual arrangements.

We are keen to develop the PC version first, however if you have any plans to develop a PSX version in parallel please understand that we will require a separate design document to cover this.

Rock Raiders - Proof Of Concept Requirements.

Engine Solution. We will want to see early work on the game engine (whether it’s developed in-house or by a third party).

Level Building Tools.

We will want to see a demonstration of the level building tools (whether they’re developed in-house or by a third party).

In-game Graphics.

We shall want to see examples of the in-game graphics in both the constrained and the first person perspectives.

In-game Music and SFX.

We will want to hear examples of any in-game music and sound effects.

Interface Design.

We will want to see preliminary work on the game interface, addressing the issues of in-game player prompts and the tutorial.


We shall want to see detailed artwork and storyboards for the intro, the outro and all cut sequences. Technical Design Review (TDR).

A technical design review should be supplied, outlining the implementation plan for use of sound cards and graphic cards with particular reference to 3D accelerators and use of Pentium ii and Katmai* instructions.

PSX Version.

A detailed design document outlining any / all the changes required for a console version of the game (e.g. PSX, N64).

Design Document.

A final design document will need to be supplied and signed by the developer for inclusion in the contract.


A final detailed schedule will need to be supplied for a product delivery of spring 1999. *We will be contacting Intel and adding you as a LEGO developer. You will then receive disclosure and development tools for their new Katmai processor.

I hope this is all the information that you require for now. I’d like to schedule a meeting for later this week or early next week to come and meet you all, in the mean time, if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards, Tomas Gillo Producer