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Polyanthus primrose:

Large flowered strain, blooms early spring through late spring. Mixed colors (a wide color range ) Our selection.


p. Denticulata Cashmeriana:

Originally from the Himalaya Mountains and India. The violet, lavender, and purple heads of bloom develop ahead of the gray- green foliage. It blooms in the very early spring and is herbaceous *

p. Capitata Mooreana:

Also native to India; an evergreen pri- mula with rich violet, heliotrope scented, heads of bloom, plants heavily silvered. Needs good drainage, shade, deep moist, and leaf-mold soil.

p. Florindae:

Fragrant yellow bells onthree-foot stalks. Blooms in mid-summer. Needs plenty of moisture and shade. Our favorite setting is a planting of maiden-hair fern and wild columbine, which provides shade anda har- monious background for the Florindae. It is herbaceous.

p. Frondosa:

A miniature primulafrom Greece. Laven- der-blueflowers. A good rock-garden plant. Good drainage and plenty of moisture are needed. It is also herbaceous.

*Herbaceous: Plants lose their leaves in winter, and bury their crowns in the soil.

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p. Sieboldii:

Flourishes in cool, light soil. A native of Siberia. Spring-bloom foliage dies down in summer. Soft crinkled leaves, large, fringed flowers, andstems long enough to be of good use in flower arrangements are some of its characteristics.


This type has whorl after whorl of blooms on2 to 3foot stems. Foliage dies in the win- ter. They need plenty of moisture and shade during the growing season. Stagnant water conditions should be avoided during the win- ter months.

p. Bulleyana:

This plant is from China. The buds are scarlet, whereas the flower blooms orange- yellow. It is herbaceous.

p. Helodoxa:

This one also originally came from China. It has yellow, bell-shaped flowers and is an evergreen.

p. Japonica:

This plant came from Korea and Japan. The flowers range from a pale pink to a deep red, some having a violet undertone. Herbaceous.

p. Pulverulenta:

The specie, a deep red

Bartley Strain, shades of pink. Our choice of color. herbaceous.


Juliae, the specie: claret. Valiant: violet

Tuberous Begonia, tubers of mixed colors and types. Our selection.


A European Alpine, native to the Swiss and Austrian Alps. It requires some lime, partial shade, and good drainage. It is ideal for the rockery or border. Place sharp sand and rock chips around the roots and and crown of the plant when grown in the border. Blooms from April to June, and again in the fall. Colors include yellow, brown, blue, henna, plum, purple, rose, red, and pastels. Large plants, mixed colors of our choice.


Section of one coldframe of young Auricu- la seedlings, ready for setting out in their permanent positions.


p. Auricula: from selected plants of many colors.

p. Japonica: mixed colors.

p. Cashmeriana:

p. Mooreana:

p. Bulleyana:

p. Pulverulenta: mixed color. See picture

on back of one of our seed plants, picked for form and carriage.

A special primula mixture including those named above, with Sieboldii, Florindae, Mi- crodonta, and Frondosa.


Begonia tubers shipped January through March. Primroses shipped in Spring and early Fall. All plants sent Parcel Post un- less requested otherwise. Cash, money or- der, or check equally accepted.

All plant orders of $5.00 or more are sent postpaid. Fororders under that, please add 25¢ for postage. Please state if we may substitute if sold out of some plants or seed.

Prices on plants, seeds, and tubers have been kept uniform to permit collections. 35¢ each 3 for $1.00 12 for $3.50 Add 3% Washington Sales Tax.

Primula Pulverulenta (Bartley Strain)

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